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Being able to manage your contents in whichever way you need to at your own time is what we achieve for you. Our content management specialists work out the plan for you to use dynamic sitemaps, create new pages, upload downloadable PDFs for your visitors, control and organise your imagery and content, edit text attributes, schedule content updates, add meta data, add hyperlinks, add unlimited sub navigation links and even keep your blog fresh.

Yes, we have the technical know-how to realise the most sophisticated application that will enable greater usability, more functionality while keeping your contents fresh and up-to-date. We also simplify and add functionality to leading platforms and give you an individually personalised CMS solution for you. We will provide whatever that you need, whether it be Joomla tweaks, Drupal updates, WordPress development or little Magento magic.

We also link back ends to additional programmes, connect your shop front with your order fulfilment service, and link your payment gateway to your accountancy software. We even go out of our way to innovate for our clients depending on their specific needs. Call us for concrete solutions in CMS.


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WordPress, Joomla & Drupal Content Management System – CMS

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